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90 years Celebration

Polish National Hydrological and Meteorological Service (NHMS)

celebrates 90 years of history

2009 is a milestone year for the IMGW National Hydrological and Meteorological Service as it celebrates 90th anniversary of its establishment. IMGW Directors and their Deputies, both from the IMGW HQ as well as from regional branches have planned a variety of events. Celebrations will provide an excellent opportunity to present the Institute’s mission and activities to a broader public. Abundance of events to be convened in 2009, including conferences, seminars as well as exhibitions can, no doubt, prove well it is a particular year.

The celebrations were inaugurated by the IMGW Director-General Prof. Mieczyslaw S. Ostojski, Director General of IMGW during the first of the intended for this year events. It took place on 23 January in the IMGW HQ in Warsaw. Prof. Ostojski and representatives of the government administration presented gold and silver medals to staff members who contributed to the Institute’ s success by their excellence.

The most significant event to mark 90th anniversary which will take place in the Royal Castle in Warsaw is planned by the IMGW HQ in September 2009. It will be attended by representatives of the key R&D institutions along with invited Directors of the European Hydrological and Meteorological Services.

IMGW Poznan Branch warmly invites everyone to take part in the outdoor event that will be held either
in the Institute’s premises or at Poznan Ławica airport. The programme will feature lectures, a meeting with pupils as well as photography exhibition . We hope for fine weather.

Another photography exhibition is organised by the Maritime Branch in Gdynia. Next one, entitled „Modern National Hydrological and Meteorological Service through a lens” will be displayed in Warsaw at the turn of September and October. We believe it is worth a glance.

An exhibition of measurement apparatus on the top of Śnieżka Mountain in the IMGW Mountainous Meteorological Observatory should attract a great deal of interest, too. Such an event is planned by IMGW Wrocław Branch.
An abundance of brochures, flyers and leaflets on the NHMS activities to be published this year is very impressive and will provide a rich and reliable source of information that can enhance knowledge in the domain of meteorology and hydrology.

In turn, drawings contest is addressed to children and youth. It aims at promoting knowledge on meteorology and climatology as well as at marking the 90th anniversary of the Polish Service establishment. We are happy to have received a wealth of high quality artworks. Jury will have a tough nut to crack, but participants may win a prize!

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary, a short documentary film was made on the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. It reflects hard work and challenges faced by IMGW specialists in their everyday activities.

Please join us for the celebrations of NHMS!