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Commercial Products


IMGW-PIB offers the following products and services:

  • Weather forecasts and actual weather data
  • Hydrological forecasts and actual hydrological data
  • Products of agrometeorological protection
  • Assessments of wind energy resources
  • Studies concerning domains:
    • meteorology
    • hydrology
    • water management
    • hydrometry
  • Historical data concerning meteorology and hydrology domains
  • Trainings in meteorology skills
  • Distribution of IMGW-PIB publications


SOK (Customer Service System)

SOK is a complex platform of gathering and distributing IMGW-PIB operational products. The list of deliverables encompasses analytic and forecast products both of meteorology hydrology domains.
SOK plays a role of a peculiar short-term memory of products. Collected products are saved in a database by a period, which can be specified for each product. Thus SOK is able to deliver animations of image products and to present the trends of meteo- and hydrological conditions.
SOK transmits the IMGW-PIB products using a wide variety of media:

  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • email
  • fax
  • SMS (in preparation)

Working 24/7/365 SOK delivers to customers a list of products containg over 900 items. Widening the list could be a subject of negotiation.


Meteorological forecasts & data

IMGW-PIB delivers the following weather products:

  • short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts
  • messages
  • warnings
  • bulletins
  • records of the lightning system.

Forecast products are produced basing on both classical techniques and mathematical models. IMGW-PIB operates two models:

  • DWD-COSMO model
  • ALADIN model

Products are delivered as narrative texts, numerical data, images, or image animations. Products can be transmitted to customers by SOK media or another way, established with the customer.


Climate data

The Central Climatologic Database is maintained at IMGW-PIB. The Database embraces data received from 65 meteo stations, 245 meteo posts, and 1650 precipitation posts. Collected data cover:

  • from meteo stations - eight-per-day and daily data (from 1961 - data of 10 stations, from 1966 - of 49 stations and shorter sequences of the remaining stations)
  • from meteo posts - in general: 3-4 per day and daily data; from 1951 - of 39 posts, from 1956 - of 21 posts, from 1961 - of 69 posts, from eighties and later - of the remaining posts
  • from precipitation posts - in general: from 1951 - of 333 posts, from sixties - of 81 posts and shortes sequences - of the remaining posts

The following products are delivered:

  • Meteo data according to the rules binding IMGW-PIB
  • Studies of anemometric conditions (wind profiles)
  • Climatologic studies



Hydrological forecasts & data


  • A three-day forecast of water levels for a fixed set of water gauge cross-sections (standard study)
  • A three-day forecast of water levels for a customized set of water gauge cross-sections
  • A forecast of a flood crest and time of its appearance with respect to a single water gauge cross-section
  • Assessments of current hydrological conditions for an customized area of the middle and lower Vistula


  • Codzienny Biuletyn Stanu Wody (Daily Bulletin of Water Levels)
  • Tygodniowy Biuletyn Hydrologiczny (Weekly Hydrological Bulletin)
  • Biuletyn Państwowej Służby Hydrologiczno-Meteorologicznej (Bulletin of State Hydro-Meteorological Service - monthly, paper copy)

Products can be transmitted to the customer by media of SOK system (except of the paper Bulletin of State Hydro-Meteorological Service) or another prearranged way.


Historical hydrological data

The Central Hydrological Database is maintained at IMGW-PIB. The Database embraces data received from ca. 900 water gauge posts. Also, data are collected which relate to: water levels, water temperatures, extraordinary observations, ice and overgrowing phenomena.
The following products are delivered:

  • Hydrological assessments of rivers under and out of IMGW-PIB control
  • Hydrological data according to the rules binding IMGW-PIB
  • Hydrological studies related to:
    • ten-days flows
    • flows of a customized period
    • profile flows applying to customized long-term periods
    • indicators of profiled monthly outflows
    • and indicators of precipitations with reference to the basin system